Probably most wanted page, isn’t it?

So, here it is:
PushBots Sender 3.0, size 4 285 872 bytes
(for PushBots engine 3.x; older engines are not supported anymore)

Expected anything more?
Sorry, that’s all.
Just download, install and use!

Simple, right?

Setup file, EXE of application as well as uninstaller are signed. For signing, I used my own generated root certificate, because commercial certificates are too expensive fur such kind of small projects. You can import my root certificate into your computer, so all my releases can be verified against this certificate. Don’t worry, this certificate is only for comparing signing of my apps. Once you installed this root certificate and after you download installer file, it can be verified publisher as “GVG“.
Althrough this, Windows can report it as unknown source (because I am not using commercial certificates). This is normal. But you will be ensured, that setup file is not tampered by no way and you can also view certificate details. Of course, if you not install my root certificate to your computer, installer will have no chance to be verified and in that case, you can see “Unknown Publisher” as publisher name.
You can uninstall my root certificate at any time.

GVG Root Certificate, size 1 384 bytes
(install it to “Trusted Root Certification Authorities“, reboot after installation)


Program can be found also on following sites: